Hellwitch: Forbidden - Holo-Foil Edition

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Story: Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean
Diego Bernard, Ceci de la Cruz 
Cover: Siya Oum

•Full color, 48 pages.
•European squarebound graphic novel.


NOTICE: Due to the nature of the materials and the manufacturing process, holo-foil covers may have light scratches and/or marks on the covers. Please note these are not considered to be defects by the manufacturer and we cannot return or exchange holo-foil covers for these reasons. 

Chapter 5 of Hellwitch's story.

Hellwitch awakens to find herself with a motley crew of Hellbourne. While making their escape, the crew crashes in Norway’s shadowy northern wilderness. Soon they discover they are not alone! The forest is home to a creature from forbidden folklore—a creature, bolstered by Lady Death’s DNA. Hellwitch, wounded and stranded, must make a desperate gamble. Once she fought for power and revenge, now there is only survival.